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  The urban landscape lends an endless array of contemporary moments built upon past urban
development. In a world full of imagery, I strive to capture the audience for more than
the usual few moments they are accustomed to. Colors allure the onlooker and overlapping details
hold their attention. By enticing them into a surreal world that has familiar parallels,
I suggest imaginative exploration and present consciousness.
The multiple exposure photographs are the result of a process I have been experimenting
with for over ten years. It involves multiple exposures using filters. My process has
evolved through the 35mm to digital and now into photoshop.

I have had the experiences of being an Art Director, Gallery Director, Scenic Design Artist (Sculptor), Lead Sculptor,
Artistic Scenic Installation Supervisor, Documentary Photographer & Videographer, Web Designer, Product Designer,
& Owner of my own business (mmsomewhere). I welcome opportunities in all forms
of collaboration & team work along side commissions & freelance work.
Now freelancing out of Worcester Ma. USA

You can find me virtually around at: Instagram / Linkdin / Red Bubble / Blurb

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